Ok, I went to see the Cure get inducted on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood. When I got there there was a small crowd and I was standing by the rail they set up to contrain us animals and I still didn't get close shots! My camera SUCKS!!!! I learned my lesson about disposable cameras. But the crowd grew and I got smashed!!!  So, here they are getting their fingers all muddy! Robert was very cute and gave his towel to some gothic looking chic that screamed with excitement. And of course the crowd screamed too!  Robert had a look a fright on his face for moment after that. Like he thought "Oh my god, I hope they're not going to rush in and crush me!" Anyway he was perfectly gorgeous with muddy hands! And his make-up and hair were perfect as usual! In fact Simon looked amazingly youthful and the rest of the guys were gorgeous as well! They're all BEAUTIFUL!!!! And we all behaved very nicely considering the security  was actually very poor. I got to give some of my art in a birthday bag for Robert to the PR Lady who promised she would get it to him. So, I hope he did get it. It was a fun night!!!!!
Favorite Pics of The CURE
The Cure - Walk Of Fame June 30, 2004
So, here is a pic of their little fingers in the cement! It looked like that black stuff on X-Files!
They left it out for us to take pics after the band went back inside.  You would not believe how many people tried to get their hand prints in there after they left. How rude!!!
Bad Dogs!!!!!
This is a pic of me and my daughter Kelly at Coachella around noon before it started to get crazy. Of course the area packed in and we all became happy little sardines (actually more like sweating pigs!)  It was almost impossible to move. I thought many times I should get out while I still could move but the temptation of getting that close to see the band outweighed my thirst and hunger pangs. I could feel my feet beginning to take root after standing there for 8 hours! I guess that makes me officially fanatical! We managed to work our way up to about the 5th roll. And when the time came, I could see Robert perfectly from where I was standing  and I could even see the sweat dripping off Simon's nose.  I saw Simon make a gesture to Robert that he was sweating profusely (pulling at his tank top to indicate he was soaking wet!) Little did they know the crowd was half dead from the heat. I saw several people get carried off, due to heat exhaustion) throughout the day while waiting for the Cure. But finally after they came on stage everyone stopped moaning and goaning and became very excited and happy to see them. Robert appeared to be in love with the crowd and of course the crowd with him. Exhillarating! All the songs were perfect! As usual Robert seemed to forget the words to Love Cats and the crowd helped out with the lyrics! At one point he threw his arms out singing "How can you miss (or "love" - can't remember which word he inserted) someone as dumb as this?" (indicating he didn't remember the words). Cleverly adorable!!! And of course the crowd cheered excitedly for their hero, who could do no wrong! I waited and waited for "A Forest" and was afraid they weren't going to play it but it was the  incredible finale of the show where Robert and Simon both did amazing solos! I thought for sure Simon was going to trash his bass the way he was playing! Absolutely unforgettable!!!!! I lost like 8 pounds standing there all day! Whew! Thank you Robert!!!!!!!!!
Me & Kelly at Coachella
This is the only pic I got from Coachella that was actually big enough to see  and I had to really doctor it up with my computer. Of course it is Roger and Robert. So much for being in the 5th roll with that reject camera of mine! (Yes, that sound you hear is me kicking myself in the head!) They wouldn't allow any cameras with anything that had a lens on it except for those little phone thingys. Evil! Yes, I must get one of those before Curiosa! Luckily I also won tickets for Coachella from KROQ. I have no idea how I manage to be caller # 20 so often! I plan to win tickets for Curiosa if they offer them!  Wish me luck!!!!
More to Come!!!....
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